About sarah

I’ve spent a lifetime as a coach.

As a matter of fact, my first client was my little sister. When our mother passed away leaving me at 10 years old and my baby sister at 3 years old, I became her coach and mentor.

Even by the age 10, I had already faced one of my greatest challenges. When I was 3 years old my residence was a hospital, having survived 3rd-degree burns across 20% of my body. One of my earliest memories is when my great aunts came to see me and I was so frustrated that I was unable to hug them. My entire upper body covered in bandages and in traction, they were afraid to touch me. Afraid they would inflict more pain on my little toddler body. I was so upset, I tried to rip my bandages so that I could touch the people I loved and those who loved me.

Having married the love of my life, we found that we could not survive the stress of raising a family and running two businesses and so we separated after 14 years of marriage.

This divorce set me in the direction of revisiting the grief and trauma of my youth, to embrace my pain and begin healing.

Recognizing that everyone has a grief story, or will some day, I set out to normalize talking about grief with the podcast Grief Gratitude & Greatness , exploring the different ways we grieve, the gratitude that sustains us and the greatness we find along the way, one conversation at a time.

I spent a lifetime telling myself that I would not allow my experiences to excuse me from living an excellent life. And now I am inspired to help others’ tap into their resiliency and live the life they want and deserve.
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Sarah is a lover of community and humanity. As an essayist, coach and podcast host, she reflects on the resilience, wisdom and brilliance of those who experience loss. Sarah created Grief Gratitude and Greatness to explore the vast ways that our culture experiences, manages and supports grief and those grieving. Sarah coaches individuals struggling with and stuck in grief, so they can harness their greatness and live purposefully.

About Erin

I am a Certified Health Coach with training in Herbal Remedies.

Years ago, while working in the corporate world in London, I suffered from serious bouts of IBS. When doctors repeatedly told me there was “nothing wrong” with me, I was left feeling frustrated, lonely, & just a touch crazy. Years later, I went through one of the most difficult times in my life when I began experiencing debilitating panic attacks. When I learned that my high stress levels and unhealthy habits were the primary cause of all this suffering, it sent me on a journey of discovery about the roots of physical & emotional health.

That’s when I discovered the power of plants, essential oils, & natural herbal remedies. I was a vegetarian for 17 years from the age of 11 although I eat meat moderately now. Our bodies change and finding out what makes you feel the best you can exactly where you are right now is my specialty. This journey left me with a passion to build community & share all I have learned.

Last year, I lost my mother to cancer. After diagnosis, she was gone in just two weeks. Navigating this grief has led me to discover a hidden world and to try & understand the process of experiencing grief. I have an integrative approach to health coaching & a sensitivity that allows me to listen & understand your experience to help you on your journey to health, peace, & connection.
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By figuring out which foods nourished me & which foods depleted me, with the addition of some self love & sound nutrition advice I have learned how to feel my absolute best consistently over the long term with a few easy, manageable steps.